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Cognac VSOP 100 - Self-teaching school

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We are launching the first Cognac VSOP 100 Self-teaching School ever.

Be a part of the horizontal tasting of 100 VSOP Cognacs by various Cognac houses.

You will have a chance to taste 10 Cognac brands in 10 venues in Košice. Moreover, you will be among the first people in the world to complete the Cognac Route. Only 140 people will have a chance to buy the card and be able to enter the school where they are their own teachers. Alphabetical Encyclopedia of Cognac, which you will receive free of charge when you purchase your ticket, will guide you on your way into the Cognac world.

Alphabetical Encyclopedia of Cognac – the first encyclopedia of Cognac in the Slovak language, which can also be called the Košice Encyclopedia of Cognac, offers information on more than 300 Cognac houses and producers.

100 of these Cognac houses have been selected for this event.

You can have the information contained in the Encyclopedia with you at all times – registration and purchase of the tasting card (550€) will grant you access to rich and extensive information available at cognacinfo.com.

Contact us to learn more about the Cognac VSOP project – Tel.: +421 918 997 948, Email: assistant@congac-embassy.com 

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Cognac VSOP 100 - Self-teaching school

Horizontal tasting of 100 VSOP Cognacs by various Cognac houses in KOŠICE.

Alphabetical Encyclopedia of Cognac - AEHT

1. vydanie encyklopédie v anglickom jazyku venované AEHT

Alphabetical Encyclopedia of Cognac - ST. NICOLAUS